This article is intended to guide the user through our training interface,

We offer an on-line learning site, where you will find audiovisual content, manuals and additional documentation. is fully meant to support users during their learning journey. We provide the resources you need to develop new skills, improve your performance in TREE.olivo and, utimately, we offer full operational independence to the user.

To access to you will need to introduce your user and password which has been given to you previously. 

Once logged, you will land directly to the resource center, where different sections are displayed, each one of these cover different topics and functionalities.

Depending on your user profile, you may have access to the appropriate manuals. These are organized in sections, which will be described below:

  • Usefulness: Day to day use cases activities in the tool, including configuration and management.
  • Data Center: All the required technical activities needed to configure and manage the tool.
  • Configuration Flexibility: Any pre-configuration that is carried out at the time of setting up all functionality.
  • Data Model: All requirements and implementation of data carried out in TREE.
  • Integration: All required application and interface activities with the system.
  • Self-Service: Documentation about activities concerning security and access management of profiles in TREE.

To access, please login with your user and password. In case you are having any trouble to access, or other problems related to the training portal please contact your point of reference in Atrebo.


Raise your management skills to a higher level, our courses are built so that the user feels part of a Real-World Experience project that guarantees learning.

Refresh Ideas

Our platform is in continuous growth, support the concepts provided by to remember the most relevant functionalities and work them in a professional way.

Optimize your time

Forget the doubts that may arise when acting on TREE.platform. Act with agility and automatically to shorten processing/ management times.

Validate your experience

Our intention is to enhance users in the field of platform management. With the certificates we ensure the progress that will lead to success.




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