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Read the latest news and trends in Digital Transformation

Iot or Internet of Things technology has meant a real revolution in the integration of the physical world with the digital one. What's more, IoT is present in many moments of your day-to-day life.

Knowing that investment in digital transformation tools will accelerate in 2021 and that blockchain will be a trend this year, you may be asking yourself, what is blockchain? Find it out in this article.

Artificial Intelligence

With the appearance of Covid-19, many companies have promoted Digital Transformation in their production processes, where Artificial Intelligence will play an essential role. Find out how Artificial Intelligence can help you to optimise the management of your critical infrastructures.

 As telecommunications companies set their goals for 2021, we dive into some of the trends and highlights in the industry for this upcoming year. From 5G to IoT and more, we have you covered with five trends in telecom for 2021.

The telecommunications industry constitutes a major component of the critical infrastructures that safeguard and protect society. As time changes, new needs and challenges arise. The industry, and especially Telcos, must know how to adapt to them. That is why we developed TREE, a platform created specifically to support the transformation of Telcos, automating processes and managing their assets and infrastructures

The fifth-generation network comes with important changes to all industries, especially for Telcos.

Find out about the main advances and benefits of 5G will bring, and how processes will be more automated and optimised than ever before.   

5G is expected to bring great advances in network automation, providing the necessary boost to combine digital transformation with network automation.
With Open Ran networks, companies will be able to share networking equipment, helping to economise on deployment and implementing artificial intelligence.

With the emergence of the industry 4.0, digitalization in the industry has advanced dramatically. This has brought significant benefits to industry. Our article about Digital Twins and Data Collection will develop this concept and some benefits offered by this disruptive technology. 

Automation has always been a part of the telecom industry, one of the most innovative sectors. But telecom infrastructure is a stranger to tech-related improvements. In this article, we discuss how advanced technology such as IoT, Machine Learning or RPA can help telcos automate their infrastructure and asset management operations, improve their efficiency and increase revenue. The future of telecom is within our grasp.

The standardization and optimization of business processes is one of the most beneficial methodologies to improve the productivity of an organization. Minimizing errors, ensuring the correct performance of work, exponentially improving the quality of service or product, and facilitating the ability to calculate costs, are some of the competitive advantages that the implementation of these processes provides.

In our previous article we talked about the importance of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in digitization. In this post, we will talk about one of the processes that has been digitalized and that today has become an important asset for companies as it is the management and maintenance of the life cycle of the assets.

Business intelligence and data analytics

With the digitization of companies, it has been possible to evolve at all organizational levels, transforming internal and external processes and flows, and giving it a differential value, from which companies that have opted for digitization are already taking advantage of it today to adapt and improve the way of managing them.

Digital Adoption

The term Digital Adoption, of great relevance in digital transformation processes, is known as the process whereby an organization facilitates the adoption of digital solutions to its users, with the ultimate goal of converting those who were initially unaware of the solution, into their prescribers. This transformation is known as the Customer Success Cycle.

Change Management process

In 2023 global spending is expected to increase 2,3 trillion dollars in Digital Transformation according to the Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide (IDC), also they expect that the annual spending will increase proportionally a 17.1 percent between the years 2019 to 2023.