Atrebo has established an energy management system based on industry standards.

Atrebo develops TREE, a solution for digital transformation of assets and infrastructures for fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. Our strong experience in the sector has led us to a complete understanding of our business and clients.

Atrebo’s energy policy is aligned with that experience, with a commitment to carry out our activity within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining control and management of the environmental aspects it produces, especially those more significant.

It also establishes a common framework for the definition of objectives and performance of activities that contribute to continuous improvement of the energy management system
Atrebo’s energy management system is applicable to activities carried out in our offices.

Atrebo’s energy policy defines the commitment to realize our activity within the parameters of sustainable development, maintaining the control and management of energy use.

We conduct our activities in a manner that improve energy performance in facilities where Implemented an energy management system.

To fulfill this commitment and achieve the defined objectives, Atrebo has established the following principles:

Ensure compliance with energy legislation and other requirements applicable related to uses, consumptions and energy efficiency of the company.

Minimize negative impacts and control energy use, making a continuous effort to identify, characterize and minimize the energy impact derived from our activities and facilities and ensuring an efficient use of energy resources with the in order to improve our energy performance.

Establish and periodically review management objectives and goals energy that contribute to continuous improvement and the empowerment of energy savings.

Identify and evaluate the uses of energy to enhance prevention and Efficient use of energy against correction and misuse.

Promote the acquisition of efficient energy products and services to improve energy performance.

Encourage internal and external communication and information related to the energy efficiency, making available to stakeholders the energy policy of the company and ensuring that this policy is communicated, understood and assumed by the entire organization.

Promote training in energy management in the organization and guarantee the training of those people directly involved in the management system.

Provide information and human and material resources for the implementation of this policy, including those necessary for commissioning practice of activities derived from the energy management system implanted.

Atrebo implements as part of its product design policy, environmental and energy efficiency functionalities to provide our customers tools to reduce their impact in the environment and to reduce the carbon footprint.


• Reduce paper consumption
• Energy efficiency plans
• Optimizing maintenance activities
• Reduce travel times
• Optimize mobility needs

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