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As Towerco companies are evolving so fast, we are delivering innovative solutions to manage all the activity of telecom towers, from the acquisition of infrastructure to the management and monitoring of its activity. To achieve a full performance, we develop TREE, our digital transformation open platform for asset and infrastructure management.

  • Digitalise your internal and external corporate processes 
  • Single, consolidated and centralised database
  • Create your own reports for a wiser monitoring
  • Vast experience integrating with OSS/BSS platforms 

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End-to-End a Single Source of Truth

Assets Life-Cycle Management


Recommended solutions

Location of sites

Manage all sites under a dynamic and customised model to cover all the reality of a site. It includes an innovative feature to visualise the sites located in a map, acess information in real time and manage contract renegotiations.


Tower Acquisitions

Reduce the closing times of work orders, select the best contractor in real-time.

  • Control your towers management processes
  • Manage contract order requests
  • Monitor the process to ensure service quality levels
  • Simulate contracts and create different scenarios


Achieve a full visibility of the rollout process to optimise the search of candidates and save time.

  • Plan and activate your site
  • Search for candidates
  • Increase the efficiency of workflows


Automate the core process of an infrastructure manager to effectively handle customer requests and quickly access the location of your towers through TREE’s innovative functionalities.

  • 3D model view of towers to assess their location
  • Shared space by different tenants
  • Accessible information for customers

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automate & manage your telecom towers

Site Inventory

Optimise your site inventory, reduce obsolescense, keep it updated in real-time.


Centralize contracts management. Integrated with ERPs and fully compliance with IFRS16.


Simulate, anticipate and manage your transactions, linked to SAP and IFRS16.

Field Operations

Reduce the closing times of work orders, select the best contractor in real-time.

Operations and Maintenance

Handle preventive and corrective maintenance and monitor each step of the process.

Site Access

Audit each and every movement of your company’s sites and infrastructures.


A customer portal to improve your customers’ visibility and communication.

360º view of your assets and infrastructures

Transversal Modules


Document management, digital signature and OCR.


Reports, Data Quality and Monitoring.

Data Quality

Historical records, dynamic dashboards and reports.

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