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In Atrebo, we develop interesting use cases to help our customers find their solution to manage critical infrastructure in order to reach their full performance. For this reason, MNOs, towers, vendors and contractors trust TREE, a digital transformation open platform with advanced functionalities for asset management.

  • Digitalise your internal and external corporate processes 
  • Single, consolidated and centralised database
  • Create your own reports for a wiser monitoring
  • Vast experience integrating with OSS/BSS platforms 
Digital Adoption

Read our automation use cases:


Work Order Automation

During this business model, automation plays a key role where the latest technologies help to make the process more digitized and monitored, keeping up with market demands.

IoT Massive Deployment and Assets Monitoring

The adoption of IoT allows Telco companies, TowerCos and MNOs to anticipate incidents on their assets and infrastructure.


Structure Calculation Automation

The structural calculation automation for operational projects is a business process where a 2D/3D simulator can be used to calculate the structural or linear design of an infrastructure.

Tokenisation of inventory assets with blockchain

At Atrebo, we work hand in hand with great technological leaders to perform the tokenisation of inventory assets with blockchain technology.


Fibre Deployment

TREE allows to define and control the processes associated with fibre deployment and monitor the necessary tools and materials for this implementation.


Access management

Manage requests, permissions and physical access to site with Atrebo’s TREE access management and keep record of all the activities during the access process.

Enter the digital transformation age

Automate tower operational processes

Find out how we are helping the largest telco infrastructures companies achieve digital excellence.

Colocation use case »

Automation of processes

Finance & Accounting in depth

Payment forecasts, incomes and a comprehensive management of opex and capex operations based on all the data of the operational processes and contracts.

Finance use case »

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Founding partner of the Tower Automation Alliance

Taking Critical Infrastructures to the next level

Atrebo is the founder of the Tower Automation Alliance, the leading open partnership in the pursuit for innovation of telco infrastructures.

Our goal is very simple: we want global companies in the critical infrastructures sector to achieve their complete digitalisation of their infrastructures management.

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Managing telco infrastructure is critical

The first step when we want to perform a successful asset management digital transformation project in our sector is to thoroughly define what we would like to achieve with it.

In this eBook we will cover some of the main outcomes to take into consideration in this matter:

A Single Source of Truth

The acceleration that comes with processes managed in a single source of truth.

Business Intelligence

The actionable insights of the business intelligence that comes with proper data quality.

Change Management

How to get everyone on board in the process of transforming the way an entire organisation operates.


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