ATREBO, S.L. wants to make clear the Company’s policy of orienting its management and work system in the sector of Design, Development, Implementation and Maintenance of Software projects, specialising in the business sector, to the full satisfaction of the Client.

The Board of Directors of ATREBO, S.L., aware of the new competition rules in the EU, as well as the trends that are gradually being introduced in matters relating to quality, wants to initiate a new stage in which quality is the focal point of all our efforts.

It will be our unrenounceable objective to work at the level set by the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, in order to ensure that our products and services comply with the standards, regulations and customer specifications that affect them in each case.

It is our decision to market only products and services that satisfy the customer, to establish capable processes and to adhere to a programme of continuous improvement.

In line with the decision and will expressed, the Management undertakes to provide the material and human resources necessary for the achievement of the aforementioned objectives.

This Quality Policy is reviewed for its continuous adaptation and will be made known to all ATREBO, S.L. personnel through internal dissemination.

Quality is the objective and responsibility of all the personnel integrated in ATREBO, S.L., in all the processes related to the Company’s activity.

Convinced that Quality will help us to achieve a system of continuous improvement, the Management will annually review the System, using our Policy as a frame of reference, concrete and quantifiable objectives that will help to measure and evaluate the improvements achieved.

I request the staff of ATREBO, S.L. to assume and abide by the provisions of this Manual and I delegate the overall responsibility for supervising the effectiveness, implementation and maintenance of the Quality System to the Quality Manager.

In Seville, 5 May 2021.

Jesús del Estad Cabello.

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