Access Management


Manage requests, permissions and physical access to site with Atrebo’s TREE access management and keep record of all the activities developed during the access process.

Among its functionalities, it includes: conventional key, bluetooth key, or biometric recognition, alerting users of access to the sites.

Smartlocks integrations

Integrated with
your smartlock

Access Management can be integrated with the main smart lock devices in the market. In addition, TREE mobile app will also function as an interface of your smart lock and TREE database.

access functionalities

Key features

TREE Access facilitates an effective digital transformation process and supports you with assistance during the management of requests for access permissions, as well as providing automatic storage of access management in TREE database. Moreover, access control is integrated into the process flow and monitored in real time using smart locks or physical key.

Real-time log in

Of the duration between unlocked/locked.

Sending of notifications

Alerts and notifications of any activity (e.g. unlocked, blocked, blocked status, potential risk...).

Key Management

Physical key management and virtual key assignment.

Intrusion detection

Real-time detection of unauthorized people.

Compliance with security rules

Managing contractors and internal employees.

Increasing access flexibility

Create and customize roles & users

To increase flexibility and achieve a successful monitoring of processes, TREE’s Access Management allows to create a role for each user when it comes to site access request.


Function: process definition, supervision and follow-up


Function: access management, receiving and approval


Function: access request

Field Workers

Function: access to the site by using TREE mobile app
and the WI-key downloaded online


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Customized workflows

Site access request

TREE Access Management will keep the record of every entry and exit, in its repository and database with enough details to audit each and every movement of its sites and infrastructure. In fact, it inherits from TREE platform the articulation of operations through workflows so that you can manage the existing permissions and administer new requests.

Task assignment

Step 1

To start with the process, the task is assigned by the owner to the sub-contractors so that the latter can request access the site.

Access request

Step 2

Then, the sub-contractor request access to TREE platform in order to assign sites and task to employees as well as to create access requests to the sites for field workers.

Access management

Step 3

Once the access has been successfully requested, the Access Manager receives and review the request from sub-contractors to access the site.

Access granted

Step 4
Tab Address

Finally, the requests are meticulously reviewed by the manager to ensure the reliability of the information. If the information is correct and complete, then the access will be granted. Otherwise, the manager will contact the sub-contractor to attach additional information to the request.

Ensuring efficient work

Tracking Access with Reports

Transversal functionalities

Maintain and analyze records and histories in an interrelated way. This dual capability is provided by TREE Reporting, a transversal service of TREE fully integrated natively with the Access Module.

Metrics in real time according to the different indicators

Export to basic office formats

History of the requested and/or authorized accesses

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