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The automated structural design and analysis capability is a game changing process taking structural design and analysis from weeks to minutes. The entire process from specifications to reporting is covered, incl. 3D modeling design of an infrastructure.

With inputs such as:

Data automatically generated from the Atrebo inventory.
Site-specific data automatically collected and processed (wind, topography, exposure etc.)

With outputs such as:

Complete design/analysis of the tower structure, foundation, and engineering report at an academic level.
Overview of available structural capacities and other relevant metrics.
Automatically updated antenna inventory.

The automated structural design and analysis capability can be requested for any project causing changes to the structure, such as:

New Build: deployment of new telecom structures.
Co-location: multiple tenants.
Upgrades (5G): any type of antenna load
M&A: instant and full engineering overview

The automated design and analysis of the structure can be carried out thanks to the collection of all infrastructure data by Digital Twin.

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Structural Calculation Use Cases

High-Level Operations

New Build

The solution supports new telecommunication infrastructure roll-outs by optimizing structural engineering design and facilitating design standardization. You can find an optimal bracing system and create modular telecommunication structures. Radio plans are enhanced for antenna supporting structures with real-time civil engineering analysis results. This makes the decision making process of where and what to build fast and easy.

Upgrades (5G)

Simplified 5G antenna technology upgrades on telecommunication infrastructure by accommodating any type of antenna loading specification. It is possible to model specific antenna loads, access antenna specifications and instantly check the structural capacity of telecommunication structures. Embraced 5G upgrades based on a variety of types of antenna information.


Assessment of telecommunication infrastructure with multiple tenants by identifying structure utilization per tenant and providing detailed antenna inventory. When a new telecommunication tenant is planned, the solution can instantly identify the rest capacity of the telecommunication structure to accommodate additional antenna loads. Tower companies can increase utilization of their telecommunication structures.


The solution removes complexity associated with mergers and acquisitions for large telecommunication portfolios by providing instant due-diligence assessment. With your telecommunication portfolio on the platform, there is no need to pay any additional cost or wait for third-party assessment. Full engineering overview and control of your telecommunication portfolio is provided.

Step-by-Step Business process

Automated Structural Design and Analysis

The main objective of this business process is to facilitate and automate the entire design management of the implementation of a structure or a load on an infrastructure. The work and tracking process of a structure analysis study would be as follows:

Request for structure design or analysis

Step 1

A user of the platform needs to run a tower structural design or analysis and makes a request.

Structure analysis approval

Step 2

A supervisor approves or rejects the request, this stage also can be automated based on predefined rules.

Engineering Analysis

Step 3

If approved, the platform performs an engineering structure analysis including site-specific assessment. The result is an engineering report.

3D Model

Step 4

Together with the engineering analysis, the platform will provide an interactive 3D visualization of the tower structure and all the equipment installed on it. Presenting relevant metrics related to the structure: remaining capacity, number of equipment installed, pending installation…

Approval of the calculation

Step 5

When a request is made for additional equipment to be added to the tower, the recalculation and validation of the structural calculation can be automated.​

Real-time monitoring

Step 6

In order to optimize the capacity to accommodate new active elements and extend the operational life of the towers their behaviour in adverse weather conditions can be monitored in real time using appropriate sensors and algorithms to prevent and detect incidents.​

«Once the user is in the 3D simulator, the user will be able to visualise all the inventory elements (ancillaries) that compose it with data such as height, distance, element number or degrees of inclination».

SIngle Source of Truth

Transversal functionalities



Structural or load analysis.

2D/3D models.

360º parametric models.

Validation or assessment of new load accommodation.

Tower performance analysis with infrastructure modifications.

Automated updating of the inventory at the end of the project.

Possibility of requesting the calculation from any area of TREE.


Changes in the status and monitoring of the business process.

Automatic notifications.

Online tracking.


Benefits of automated structural design and analysis

With TREE and the integration with Shapemaker, an operator or towerco will be able to set up an automated workflow to conduct structural design or analysis of telecom infrastructures.

All the benefits of automated structural calculation are detailed below:

Workflow to simulate a tower structure and antennae load

Possibility of digitally signing calculations and structural studies.

Visualization of all parameters related to structure calculation.

Automated validation of site-specific locations.

360º panoramic view of infrastructures.

Fully automated process.

Cost savings in the elaboration of the calculation.

Technical validation of the tower's load-bearing capacity automatically.

Real-time monitoring of tower behaviour.

About Shapemaker

Shapemaker is a software for civil engineering design and analysis of telecommunication infrastructure in case of new build, co-location and upgrades (5G). The solution covers the entire process from spec to reporting and enables faster roll-out, standardization and instant tracking of tower capacities.

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About Atrebo

Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global operations digitalisation projects. Atrebo develops TREE, a specialist platform for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management in telecommunications, energy, smart cities, and other industries. It leads the Tower Automation Alliance initiative through an ecosystem of technology partners worldwide.

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