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The automation of a work order for maintenance or installation projects on telecom towers is a business process which mainly involves:

Automated Work Order Assignment & Scheduling
Access Management
Maintenance (preventive and corrective)
Installation (technical and civil works)

With inputs such as:

Trouble Ticket
Change request
New request
Preventive Maintenance 
Data from smart locks

With outputs such as:

Work Validation
Budget Validation
Trouble Ticket Closing
Automated updating of the inventory

These tasks are usually carried out between different stakeholders such as operators, agencies, towercos and contractors.

During this business model, automation plays a key role where the latest technologies help to make the process more digitized and monitored, keeping up with market demands.

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Including four different types of work orders

High-Level Operations

Preventive Maintenance

All maintenance works that have previously been scheduled for replacement or overhaul.

Corrective Maintenance

Incidents that have been discovered during a preventive maintenance, or planned due to a breakdown.

Installation of technical equipment

Carried out in the tower. Technical refers to equipment like antennas, batteries, or networks.

Civil works

All works involving earthworks such as the process of making cuts in the ground, surfacing, etc.

Work Order Automation

Maintenance and Installation

This use case consists of the process to be followed by a MNO or a Towerco to perform either maintenance or installation works on a tower with one or many internal and external stakeholder:

Work order schedule

Step 1

The first step is to schedule the work order within our TREE platform. Once it has been determined that an equipment needs maintenance, an operator’s maintenance or installation scheduler will plan and schedule this process.

Access management

Step 2

It should be requested by the operator and managed by the access manager. The approval is carried out by an agnostic access mechanism. For this purpose, either a physical key or a virtual key and access permission are required.

Work order assigned

Step 3

Once the work order is scheduled, it will be sent to the worker who will be responsible of executing the work order in the field by using the TREE mobile App. This work order can be monitored from both the web and the mobile App.

Installer access

Step 4

The worker/operator in the field must unlock the lock to get into the worksite and carry out the work order (maintenance or installation works).

Installer intervention

Step 5

Once the worker is inside the facility then carries out the work order and before leaving, everything must be locked to complete the process. The client will be able to monitor the access and see when the lock was modified.

«TREE platform includes the possibility to upload documents within the workflow process (e.g.: the health and safety certificates, qualification of the worker, etc.)».

SIngle Source of Truth

Transversal functionalities


Mobile App

Centralised information on a single app

GPS-based access validation and checking

Work assignment and access data is sent to the designated installer, with the appropriate qualification and health and safety in order

Includes all smart lock functionalities and more

Allows the data collection, photographs and forms from the site, for the work/budget validation.


Immediate response with tracking number

Online tracking

Status change notification


Benefits of the work order automation

Work order automation brings great benefits to all stakeholders involved in this business process. Through automation and technology, Operators and Towercos can manage all maintenance operations and installations in just one platform where they can make instant and centralised decisions. Some of the benefits of this automated business process are:

Automated workflow between Towercos, Operators and Contractors

Process optimisation with digital access (Smart locks)

Streamlined and automated processes

Instant data collection, photos and site forms via the mobile app

Work order tracking change notification

Instant corrective incident reports via the app

Automated update of the all the inventory from the app mobile

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