An integration with Telefónica Tech's TrustOs system

Blockchain technology has arrived to revolutionise the world of assets security

At Atrebo, we know that only by working hand in hand with great technological leaders could we offer the best blockchain security solution.

That is why we have partnered with Telefónica Tech, and we are presenting the solution for auditing inventory items using blockchain.

Thanks to this integration, infrastructure operators will have a reliable solution that will provide them with information in real time and with full guarantee of transparency and traceability.

Global infrastructures scope
A revolutionary project in the field
A reach of more than 200,000 telecommunications infrastructures
A milestone in the use of digital assets NFTs

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Certified audits of contracts

In Atrebo we’re aware of the importance of data privacy, that is why we’ve decided to integrate both platforms together: TREE and TrustOs. To guarantee data security, this integration uses a tokenisation process that allows to replace sensitive data with a non-sensitive unique ID without compromising your business privacy.

Tokenisation of a new rental contract for a site

It is possible, for instance, to use this blockchain technology when undertaking a new rental contract for a site. By accessing the acquisitions module, and selecting the contract created, you can easily send that information to Telefónica Tech to carry out the tokenization process.

To certify the audits of contracts, you can simply use our TREE platform to read a specific QR generated security code available in the blockchain platform.

Tokenisation of inventory assets

The best blockchain security solution

savings renegotiation module

Contracts modifications

If the contract undergoes any modification, such as savings obtained through the Renegotiations module, all changes will be updated following the same process, giving telecom infrastructure operators a reliable solution for any asset audit process.

Apply tokenisation to any inventory item

The tokenisation process using blockchain can be performed on different inventory items. From the tokenisation of a new rental contract for a site to assets suffering from critical events. For example, you can adequately trace data from the last maintenace revision, generating a new NFT of the 3D model of such infrastructure. This is possible thanks to the capabilities of TREE’s inventory module for design, calculation and analysis of structures.

In addition, traceability will apply at both, operational and logistical level:

  • Maintenance operations
  • Assets incorporated or withdrawn
  • Contract management
Blockchain and tokenisation of inventory assets

«The use of blockchain will make it possible to easily certify and therefore, audit not only their current status, but also the history of actions taken on contracts».

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