Fibre deployment


Define and control the processes associated with fibre deployment and monitor the necessary tools and materials for this implementation.

Fibre deployment provides you with four levels to classify the work, so that you can achieve an effective management of the tasks using:

Categories and its elements.
Prices, showing the contract and the operator.

TREE’s fiber deployment solution allows the management of as many contractors as necessary.

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Designed for the 5G world to remove conceptual barriers

Atrebo’s TREE software is able to undergo fibre management processes in the best way to remove conceptual barriers, to unify and homogenise radiating assets and linear assets, such as fibre optics and other underground distributed networks.

Main functionalities

Deployment area

Register a section to deploy and define the polygon where the fibre deployment will be implemented.


Load or visualise all the tasks to be executed to carry out a specific work section.


A field technician registers the units executed to request the certification of the work assigned.

innovative functionality

Geolocation applied to underground networks

TREE.fibre is equipped with a set of tools – commonly referred to as GIS. It is integrated with TREE platform powerful databases which allows to sectorise, homogenise and allow information visibility to the rest of the modules.

Integration of processes
Standardization of processes

This integration enables the organisation storage, manipulation, analysis and modelling of large amounts of real-world data linked to a specif reference.


What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that analyzes and displays geographically referenced information. It uses data that is attached to a unique location.

Fibre deployment: key features


Between radiating assets and fibre optics.

Atribute amplification

Advanced fibre optic segment location solution.

Integrated management

Of distributed networks.


Ability to manage any kind of asset class/infrastructure.


Between radiating assets and fibre optics.

Consistency and coherence

As well as speed of response and metrics tracking.


Fibre deployment process

TREE allows linking the materials and tools to be used in the fibre deployment with the tasks using the Inventory module. This module allows to add a certain quantity of a specific inventory item to a task. So, when the tasks are to be executed, the material required for the work can be automatically calculated.

Inventory configuration

Step 1

To start with the process, you can link the materials and tools to be used in the fibre deployment with tasks. This possibility is provided by the inventory module.

Adding inventory items to a task

Step 2

Using this module, you can choose the quantify of a specific inventory item to add it into the task.

Task execution

Step 3

Finally, you will have to execute tasks so that the material required for the work will be automatically calculated.

a more accurate process

New inventory elements

Divisible Inventory Items

TREE also allows to select only a part of a whole material when it is needed. This means a more precise inventory management. To use this functionality the material must have been previously classified as "divisible material".

Warehouse Management

Centralize the management of materials and tools used in a deployment from one or several warehouses related to the jobs. It also allows to manage centralized purchases from a warehouse and their eventual transfer to the tasks associated.

Monitoring of processes

Alert notification

Atrebo’s fibre deployment solution will display an out-of-stock alert when there is insufficient or unavailable material in the warehouse in order to avoid workers’ movement.

  • Time-saving automatic alert.
  • Accurate inventory management.
  • Configuration and validation of alerts available.
Transversal functionalities

Cost savings. Increased productivity

Equipment assignment

Working equipment that is assigned to the task.

Inventory category items marked as equipment type.

Reusable items that can be assigned on a temporal basis.

Other highlights

Define the date of use to avoid availability problems.

Define in the workflow the type of documents to work with.

All companies involved in the fibre deployment process can incorporate new documents.

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