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Future Proof Solution

One Platform, One single source of truth.

From zero-touch processes, to turning data visualisation into business intelligence. We guide you in your journey towards digital transformation.

  • Business Expertise
  • Professional Services
  • Customer Support Center
  • Certification and Training

Partner programmes

What our 10-year experience has taught us

Relying on well-selected partners is essential to reach a global customer base, and give them the top-class services they deserve is a must for Atrebo.

Closer relationships, faster responses

With a vocation for local service and with a broad knowledge of the market and geographical conditioning, our selected Integration Partners give a trusted service to customers.
  • Implementation Services
  • Tier-1 and Tier-2 Support
  • Access to Certifications
  • Demo Instances

Supercharge TREE to your needs

Develop new functionalities using all the power and flexibility of TREE.
  • Requirements and solution design
  • Development and implementation
  • Third-party applications
  • Microservices architecture soon

Automation: Zero-Touch processes

Become part of the Tower Automation Alliance ecosystem.
  • Integration of solutions
  • Sensorisation, intelligence and security technologies
  • Wider sales network
  • Marketplace

Delivering Solutions Globally

Extending exponentially Atrebo’s solutions and services reach through a global sales channel to facilitate them to customers worldwide.
  • Authorised distributors
  • Commercial Support
  • Access to Certifications
  • Continuous Training
Transformation Through Collaboration

Pillars for Success

Data and Processes

Digitalise internal and external corporate processes to guarantee consistency and resilience across departments for an optimal collaboration.

Analytics and Reporting

Unleash all the power hidden in your data. Create your own reports for a wiser monitoring and improve decision-making.


Seamless integration with the top ERP's and OSS/BSS systems in the market such as SAP, IBM, Oracle or Microsoft.

New release

Get to see TREE Olivo In Action

TREE 2021 Release, TREE 5.0. comes with a full revamp. New User Interface, new user experience and a whole set of new functionalities that will enhance TREE user’s quality of life unexpectedly.

Better Performance
Usability Improvement

Specialised Platform

Infrastructure and Asset Management

Digitalising Critical Infrastructures and automating processes have a massive impact in terms of cost saving, productivity improvement, transparency, data reliability and efficiency of operations. And we are trusted experts in this matters.


Management solution for telecommunications ecosystems. MNOs: Telecommunications operators, Towercos: Infrastructure managers, Fibercos: Fibre Deployments, Vendors: Providers.


Management platform for traditional and renewable electricity generation infrastructures. Solutions: Developers, EPC/Commissioning, O&M, Asset Managers.

Smart Cities

Management solution for IoT devices and their infrastructures, with a high dispersion and for multiple smart services.

Other Industries

Solutions created through different combinations of the main asset management processes.

Services and Resources

Hand-in-Hand for Success

Enabling Digital Transformation

Atrebo’s Customer Success professional services assist the client in the process of continuous improvement of the knowledge and use of TREE and its associated processes, as well as establishing agile two-way communication mechanisms.

Some benefits include:

  • Designated Customer Success Manager
  • Operational reports
  • Usability/quality reports
  • Monitoring the use of the tool
  • Health Scan
  • Cycle Evaluation

Supporting daily use and problem solving

Atrebo’s Support Service aims to provide assistance to TREE end users, accompanying them in the daily use of the tool and attending to any possible incident.

Some benefits include:

  • Customer Portal
  • Technical Support
  • Administration Support
  • User Support
  • Evolutives Support

Level up your knowledge in TREE

Obtain new skills with the training portal to improve the performance of the platform’s functions and verify your training with an Official Atrebo Certificate.

Some benefits include:

  • Resources Center
  • Video On-demand
  • Online Documentation
  • Validate your experience
  • Training Sessions

Wider framework, better results

The main advantage that offers is to enlarge the range of available frameworks aiming to colaborate with other software, improving quality of services as much as creating new functionalities.

Some benefits include:

  • Powerful and intuitive API
  • TREE Mobile app Services
  • Safely managed Objects
  • Plugins: Permanent connectivity

Trusted by Global Companies

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Founding partner of the Tower Automation Alliance

Taking Critical Infrastructures to the next level

Atrebo is the founder of the Tower Automation Alliance, the leading open partnership in the pursuit for innovation of telco infrastructures.

Our goal is very simple: we want global companies in the critical infrastructures sector to achieve their complete digitalisation of their infrastructures management.

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