• Atrebo and Shapemaker partner to offer the ultimate automated solution for structural design and analysis.
  • The three-day workshop finishes with a clear roadmap to add more value for our customers.

At Atrebo, innovation is in our core and partnering with fellow companies with the same values and forward-thinking ideas is essential.

That is why, after signing the partner agreement and advancing the first steps in the Atrebo TREE /Shapemaker integration, Atrebo held a workshop with Shapemaker to define more functionalities to the automated structural design and analysis solution for MNOs and towercos.

Some of the new functionalities integrated in TREE and incorporating Shapemaker’s technology, will include:

      • Structural analysis of telecom towers, masts and other antenna supporting structures.
      • On-tower installed inventory (antennas and radio equipment).
      • 3D modelling of telecom structures (updated if the tower inventory or tower’s geometry is modified).
      • Professional structural calculation report.
      • Dynamic attributes for the tower structure supported.
      • Modelling of arbitrary tower types.
      • Mobile App capabilities.
      • Blockchain for reports certification.
      • IoT for real-time structural health monitoring (SHM).
      • Approval by external chartered structural engineer.
      • And much more…

During these workshops, the companies have also discussed the incorporation of Shapemaker into the Tower Automation Alliance, an open partnership in the pursuit for innovation of telecommunications infrastructure created by Atrebo in 2020.

The Shapemaker’s knowledge and cutting-edge solution will reinforce the Tower Monitoring and Greening the Network groups and it will accelerate the automation and digitalization of the projects that the members of the alliance are currently working on.

“Shapemaker brings a totally new way of doing structure analysis. The partnership between Atrebo and Shapemaker comes to enhance and significantly improve the way Towercos and Telcos will standardise their engineering and commercial processes on their towers.”

Luis del Valle, Atrebo’s Chief Revenue Officer

“The collaboration between Shapemaker and Atrebo already represents a big step towards a fully automated future for telecommunication infrastructure, and we just started!.”

Balazs Kisfali, Shapemaker’s Chief Executive Officer

About Atrebo

Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global operations digitalisation projects. Atrebo develops TREE, a specialist platform for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management in telecommunications, energy, smart cities, and other industries. It leads the Tower Automation Alliance initiative through an ecosystem of technology partners worldwide.

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About Shapemaker

Shapemaker is a software for civil engineering design and analysis of telecommunication infrastructure in case of new build, co-location and upgrades (5G). The solution covers the entire process from spec to reporting and enables faster roll-out, standardization and instant tracking of tower capacities.

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