On 30 June, Luis del Valle, Chief Revenue Officer of Atrebo, had the opportunity to give an exclusive interview to the digital magazine Telecom Review.

The interview took place at the venue of the MWC 2021, which was held in Barcelona from 28 June to 1 July.

Telecom Review is without a doubt one of the most relevant media players in the telecom sector and provides extensive coverage of the telco industry through its various magazines that focus on each particular geographic area.

This is not the first time that Luis del Valle has given an interview  to Telecom Review, as in September 2020 Atrebo’s CRO had the opportunity to give a detailed overview of the company’s present and future plans and the benefits of its TREE.olivo tool.

During its stay in Barcelona, the Spanish software company also had the opportunity to attend one of the most important events for startups on an international level, the “4YFN – 4 Years From Now”. This event, as well as the MWC 2021, was held in the Fira congress pavilion.

At the events mentioned above, Atrebo had the opportunity to present the advantages of its critical infrastructure management software, which has been successfully updated and has faced new challenges throughout the company’s 10-year history. This explains why one of the company’s defining values is its innovative spirit over the years, as the company is always  “Open To Innovation”.

In his interview, Luis covered various topics of interest, such as the lessons learned throughout 2020 in order to continue growing despite the pandemic and the advantages that TREE’s process automation has brought to its clients.

In turn, Luis made a special mention to the  Tower Automation Alliance, an ambitious alliance of technology companies that was born in 2020 and in which Atrebo and technology companies such as  vHive or  Everynet , among others, embarked. The TAA aims to help clients integrate new technologies such as IoT or Digital Twin, allowing them to take a further step towards automation in the use of the TREE platform.

In relation to what will the trends be in the telecom sector, Atrebo’s CRO highlighted the importance that transforming the 5G network is already having and will continue to have, with a view to improving coverage and scope. In this line, Luis highlights the value that Atrebo’s tool can have in terms of helping companies to manage these operations.

Luis del Valle concluded by outlining the company’s future plans for its geographic expansion. These are currently focused on consolidating its leading position in Europe and Latin America and trying to expand its line of business to try to help MNO’s and towercos in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

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