• Atrebo, the Spanish specialist in digitalisation of critical infrastructures, attended the meeting place for the MENA telecom tower industry, an event organised by TowerXChange.
  • The event brought together telecommunications infrastructure leaders, a sharing-knowledge opportunity for Atrebo.

TowerXchange Meetup MENA took place in Dubai, on 28th to 30th March, and it was organised by the independent community for network operators, towers and investors in the telecommunications sector. The event was marked by the presentation of Middle East and North Africa telecom leaders from the tower industry.

During these conferences, Atrebo had the opportunity to share synergies with the senior executives from the MENA region with renowned companies such as: TAWAL, IHS Towers, TASC Towers, or Edotco Group, amongst others.

Broadly, the main topics discussed at this year’s Meetup event were:

      • M&A, carve outs, BTS and co-locations
      • Digitalization and cost optimization
      • Rural networks
      • Business model expansion
      • Energy
      • Megaprojects and smart cities

But more precisely, this major telecom infrastructure conference was marked by co-locations and operational efficiencies in an attempt to implement the best practices and solutions across the world. Indeed, the optimization of passive infrastructure was one of the key subjects.

During the meeting, the CEO of TAWAL, Mohammed Alhakbani, stated the main highlights about his journey in driving KSA’s Digital Infrastructure Transformation throughout the years.

In this regard, the Chief Strategy and Governance Officer of TAWAL, Richard Ltaif, highlighted the following statement about how can growth accelerate in the MENA telecom tower sector:

“Growth in the MENA telecom tower sector will likely accelerate from uptake in 5G demand, enactment of supporting TowerCo regulations where such frameworks still do not exist, and further appetite from MNOs to sell and lease-back their assets to free up capital and focus on their core business.”

This high demand for 5G, not only prevalent in the MENA region but worldwide, it is becoming a great opportunity for critical infrastructure software companies like Atrebo to provide the best IoT solutions for business automation and digitisation of assets.

In addition, the carve outs undertaken by MNOs are changing the whole telecom ecosystem to make a room for the development of new business models.

Since the COVID crisis hit the world economy, much has been said about the potential of the MENA region for the telecom infrastructure companies. 

Atrebo, which currently has a presence in 18 countries, is aware of this potential and for this reason, the Seville-based company includes among its expansion plans the opening of an office in Dubai to cover new operations in the Middle East.

The TowerXChange Meetup MENA is the first of a series of events organised to provide insight into the current trends of the telecom industry for 2022. It will be followed by the TowerXChange Meetup Europe 2022 in mid-May. As expected, Atrebo will also attend to this relevant event to reinforce its commitment to the present and future of the telecommunications sector.

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