The Spanish software company specialised in asset and infrastructure management celebrates its tenth anniversary marked by a successful list of projects and exciting plans for the future.

Seville, 17 March 2021

Since it was founded in 2011, Atrebo has sought to provide a quality solution to both tower companies and MNOs in the digital transformation of asset and infrastructure management. Therefore, the company decided to launch its TREE platform on the market.

TREE is the specialised solution that the company has developed to try to help Telcos run a range of processes and workflows related to tower infrastructure, covering the entire lifecycle of these assets. The platform currently has more than 30 modules, ranging from acquisition planning, contract and installation management, maintenance and finance, and moving into access control, IoT sensors, smart lock integration and autonomous drone inspections, energy efficiency and business intelligence.

The benefits of TREE include: cost reduction, productivity improvements and the search for new sources of revenue. Consequently, Atrebo, aware of the scenario in which its clients operate, tries to offer a point of support so that they can solve their short-term problems more efficiently. In the words of Jesús del Estad, CEO of Atrebo:

“We understand the highly competitive environment in which our customers operate, therefore, our platform is evolving faster than ever before, so that their objectives are met with great accuracy”.

The company is currently deployed in more than 18 countries, in Europe (Spain, Italy and Norway) as well as in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru, among others).Atrebo has tried to use its effort and commitment in each of its projects to achieve the objectives set, which has resulted in great success for the company by becoming the market leader in asset and infrastructure management for Towercos and MNOs in Latin America.


In terms of clients, important multinational companies such as Telefonica and Vodafone have trusted in TREE to manage their infrastructures, and today they continue to form part of Atrebo’s growing family of operators and towers. In 2013 Vodafone formalised its commitment to Atrebo with the aim of accelerating and automating its operational network with operators, towers and suppliers, resulting in a cost reduction of 27%.

As for Telefonica, the agreement dates back to 2016, when a general framework agreement was signed with the Telefonica Group, which has been joined by its subsidiaries in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, among others. The aim of this alliance was to identify and realise measurable efficiencies in energy leasing and management. In addition, the agreement aims to improve productivity by 30%, increase revenues by 10% and reduce opex by 25%.

This alliance with the Telefonica has been positively appreciated by members of the multinational telecommunications company. In this regard, Nilmar Seccomandi, Head of Network Infrastructure at Telefónica commented in 2019 during the Towerxchange Meetup Europe conference in London:

“Telefónica is a pioneer in digital transformation and we have found in TREE the ideal tool to manage the network deployment process. We already have it implemented in 13 of the 17 operators of the group and the benefits are immeasurable”.

New horizons

Nowadays, Atrebo is seeking on the horizon new plans for the future in order to expand its coverage to new locations. In particular, the firm is planning to open a new office in Dubai to support future operations in the Middle East. The company’s expansion plans also include a deployment to regions in Northern Europe, Western Europe and Asia-Pacific.

However, the company’s expansion plans are not just about increasing geographical deployment, as new frontiers are developing in terms of market opportunities. This is why Atrebo has decided to expand its market into the energy world. The Sevillian software company has reached a partnership agreement with Irradia Energy in 2021, in which it will implement the company’s new product: TREE Energy.

Atrebo’s entry into the energy industry can add value in terms of operational efficiency, standardisation and simplification of processes and try to contribute positively to reduce energy consumption. As founders of the Tower Automation Alliance, Atrebo knows the importance of automation in the telecommunications industry.

Atrebo is also developing a new platform called Smart X, which aims to provide transversal solutions for the management of business parks and public organisations, allowing any activity related to the business park to be included in the tool.

When developing a solution, there is only one word around: ROI. After completing a decade of experience in the sector, Atrebo is aware of the enormous potential that data collection and structure automation can bring to traditional industries, but one thing is always in mind when approaching a project: the return of investment for their clients.

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