«Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change»

Stephen Hawking

In 2023 global spending is expected to increase 2,3 trillion dollars in Digital Transformation according to the Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide (IDC), also they expect that the annual spending will increase proportionally a 17.1 percent between the years 2019 to 2023.

Analyzing these data, we observe a growing trend of the companies that aim to adapt their workflows and processes to new technologies, to face up a competitive world that is in continuous growth.

To consolidate this adaptation successfully, a series of transformation procedures must be done. But always bearing in mind the user.

This transformation, may involve some significant changes in the organization, for instance the transformations on workflows or adoption of new technological solutions. During this conversion, the company may deal with some barriers due to internal resistance or lack of resources to carry out the change satisfactorily.


Change Management and Digital Transformation

Today we know as Change Management, as the set of solutions and processes designed to achieve an efficient transformation in organizations.

Digital Transformation involves all the procedures of change, from the adaptation of technologies and new practices, to establish a new digital culture including all the members of the company.

That being said, it must be taken into account:

  • The adaptation of business processes through the use of digital solutions.
  • Climate and business process modification.
  • Comprehensive adaptation of all members of an organization to avoid disparity of workflows and the end of work in individual silos.

The transformation has the objective of becoming relevant in the eyes of customers and users, speeding up the internal processes, reducing expenses, acquiring a competitive advantage and finally increasing revenues.

To ensure the success of any asset management digital transformation process, there is a key indicator that we must always have into account as our ultimate goal: the adaptation of consumers and users to new technologies and processes.

It is for this reason that most of the efforts of any effective Change Management plan should be focused on digital adoption.

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