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In our previous article we talked about the importance of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in digitization. In this post, we will talk about one of the processes that has been digitalized and that today has become an important asset for companies as it is the management and maintenance of the life cycle of the assets.

The digital transformation has allowed to carry out an integral and personalized management, of the operative processes and maintenance of the assets of the companies by means of technological tools that offer services and solutions that cover all the cycle of life of the asset.

Asset management digital transformation requires an exhaustive control of each of the different stages of its life cycle: from the beginning of the project or need, to the negotiation, acquisition, installation, commissioning, maintenance or even an eventual dismantling of the asset. To this end, in the telecom sector there are many infrastructures such as telecommunication towers whose assets are managed through a digital tool where you can monitor all your activity to make performance reports to the management of it.

Thanks to the new digital technologies that have been developed in recent years such as the use of mobile technologies, the cloud, IoT or artificial intelligence, it has been possible to integrate asset management into the digital universe of the company and extract useful information in real time that can be exploited by corporate data analysis systems and Big Data and then produce reports of recommendations through Business Intelligence.

In Atrebo through TREE.platform we offer services of infrastructure solutions and life cycle of telecommunications assets where we manage each stage of the life cycle of the assets apart from other complementary services such as sharing of a site or energy management that produces a site all divided into different modules always helping our customers in all services derived from their activity or the asset itself.

Nowadays TREE incorporates and supports IoT for the management of devices such as mobile telecommunication network assets of operators and towercos as to give service to them. An example would be the use of digital locks which is integrated within the access control module or the automation of the towers.

TREE.platform has different digital technologies such as Data Analytics or Business Intelligence that helps to better manage the companies’ assets with a series of recommendations.

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