• Telefónica’s Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is the annual, by invitation only, meeting point between the leaders of Telefónica‘s energy transformation and its main collaborating companies in the field.
  • The main objective of the event is to leverage the opportunities that currently exist in this area and to promote innovation to lower Telefónica’s energy usage and carbon footprint at a global level.


During the event, the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy initiatives will be presented and shared. It will be a time for analysis and the setting of new challenges. It will bring together the areas of the company responsible for network infrastructure, finance, procurement and sustainability.

Each year the event brings together more than 250 participants from all the countries in which Telefónica is present. Telefónica’s Global Energy and Climate Change Workshop is an event that this year celebrates its 14th edition, making it a consolidated and key event for promoting a low-carbon economy in the telecommunications operator.

Telefónica’s aspiration is to see a world where technology helps to protect the environment. It is therefore committed to a worldwide environmental programme and operates at various scales, aligned with its business goals.

The protection of the environment is a transversal issue for the operator, encompassing operational and management areas, as well as business and innovation areas.

Atrebo, a multinational company specialising in the development of critical infrastructure lifecycle management solutions, and a Telefónica partner since 2016, will be presenting its specialist energy solution TREE Energy.

Some of the functionalities that Atrebo will be showcasing during the event include:

  • Invoicing. Electrical invoices are one of the most challenging issues for any customer. The tool is prepared to automatically load incoming invoices and convert them into analytical data.
  • ISO 50001. Management system to establish an energy policy, objectives, energy targets, action plans and processes to achieve energy objectives and targets.
  • Efficiency projects. The efficiency projects help to improve energy management of a site. It controls the investment on a site and the expected result.
  • Connections. Electrical connections are the basic element of energy management. The connections will be associated with the sites, but completely independent management is allowed.
  • AI algorithms. TREE stores a large amount of information and by implementing artificial intelligence, it is possible to correlate the data to help achieve efficiencies, linked to consumption and associated cost.
  • Reporting. The system has a series of standard reports to help you always make the best decision. Additionally, a reporting module is available to create customized dashboards.


Together with Atrebo, Tower Automation Alliance‘s members Hybrico and Padtec will also be sponsoring the workshop.

Hybrico provides end-to-end software-enabled energy-as-a-service and backup-as-a-service solutions allowing their customers to focus their CAPEX on core expansions, reducing their operational expenses and increasing uptime.

Padtec is a Brazilian multinational that aims to give life to high-capacity connections.

The Tower Automation Alliance partnership is an association of leading technology companies and critical telecommunications infrastructure, being the first initiative 100% devoted to the creation of a standard for the automation of critical infrastructure and its management processes.

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