• With a total scope of 14 countries, the deployment of Atrebo TREE platform will support Tasc Infrastructure in the digitalisation of its operations.

Tasc Infrastructure
, the telecom infrastructure company headquartered in Dubai, has selected Atrebo over its competition after a period in which the software company from Seville (Spain) proved its expertise in digitising the operations of telecommunications infrastructure companies, both Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Tower Companies (Towercos).

With an initial scope focused on European operations, including countries such as United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Poland or Greece, Atrebo is expected to support operations in nine other countries at the end of the deployment of the platform for Tasc Infrastructure, reaching a total scope of 14 countries.

During the selection process, Tasc Infrastructure relied in the know-how acquired by Atrebo in more than ten years going in joint collaboration with large customers like Vodafone, Telefónica or Vantage Towers and deployments in 15 countries and three continents, with more than 200.000 infrastructures managed in the TREE platform.

Atrebo’s TREE platform has more than 30 modules to manage processes and workflows encompassing infrastructure whole lifecycle: Acquisition, Maintenance, Installation, Uninstallation, Access Control, Contract Management, Inventory, Reporting, Energy saving, Structure design, and much more.

TREE has been designed to help customers reduce process costs, improve productivity and find new sources of revenue.

Atrebo firmly believes in the digitalisation of telecommunications companies by maximising processes and achieving maximum performance potential through collaboration, and in the case of this new partnership with Tasc Infrastructure, Atrebo will make its best to successfully support their journey towards the digital transformation and efficiency of their operations.

About Atrebo

Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global projects focused on the digitalisation of critical infrastructure operations. Atrebo develops TREE, a specialist platform for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management in telecommunications, energy, smart cities, and other industries. It leads the Tower Automation Alliance initiative through an ecosystem of technology partners worldwide.

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