• Axión/Lineox develop leading telecommunications and audiovisual infrastructure projects in the most efficient way and with the best industry practices.
  • Atrebo‘s TREE platform will improve the productivity and efficiency of your operations by digitizing and automating processes

Axión/Lineox, a neutral telecommunications infrastructure operator, which has a network of radio links and its own sites throughout Spain and currently manages more than 5,000 service points, has selected Atrebo to carry out, in an efficient and controlled way, the management processes of towers, radio links and associated contracts for both customers and leasing of the land on which its infrastructure is located.

The main objective is to achieve digitalization and automation of site contracts and processes within the lifecycle of telecommunications and audiovisual assets using TREE platform.

The agreement with Axion/Lineox will allow, on the one hand, to digitize its sites and manage the installation/deinstallation and maintenance of radio links, and on the other hand, to automate the management of payments to suppliers and collection from customers, among other functionalities.

In addition, other financial functions associated with its activities will be carried out, including the management of contracts with their respective renegotiation flows, the generation of payment forecasts and the management of sites, among others. All of this will be done in order to streamline the sharing process in the infrastructure plants.

Axion/Lineox have relied on the know-how acquired by Atrebo in the 12 years that it has been working in critical infrastructure management and process automation.

TREE is designed to help customers improve productivity, data reliability and operational efficiency.

The platform currently has more than 30 modules ranging from procurement planning, site and contract management, documentation and access control to financial functions such as the generation of self-invoices and payment forecasts. In addition, as a flexible and highly configurable platform, TREE includes a fiber deployment management module to meet market needs.

About Atrebo

Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global critical infrastructure digitization projects. Atrebo develops TREE, a specialized modular platform for digital transformation in the management of assets and infrastructure in telecommunications, energy, smart cities, and other sectors. In addition to being a global benchmark within the telecommunications sector, it incorporates new processes to meet the needs of the EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging) energy infrastructure markets.

It also leads the Tower Automation Alliance initiative through an international ecosystem of technology partners.

About Axión/Lineox

Axion/Lineox is a neutral operator of telco infrastructure. It has its own network of centers for co-location of equipment, as well as an extensive network of radio links and fiber optics. It currently manages more than 5,000 service points distributed throughout the country, providing various services of television, radio, private emergency networks, access and long distance connectivity, etc., to telecommunications operators and public administrations.

Its network of radio links guarantees connectivity throughout the national territory, even in those places where there are no fiber optic and cable installations. They use the latest microwave link technology to offer a robust, reliable and highly secure service. As infrastructure operators, they specialize in audiovisual communications networks, connectivity and transport services, and critical communications services.

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