• The main goal of the TowerCo is to efficiently manage its tower portfolio on a single platform as it plans to reach 5,000 sites in the next 5 years.
  • Atrebo, the specialized software company with 12 years of experience in managing assets and critical infrastructure worldwide has outperformed its direct competition.

Manila/Seville, May 25, 2023

LBS Digital Infrastructure Corporation (LDIC) has selected Atrebo’s TREE Platform following a competitive process initiated in 2022, and after an RFP phase in which the Spanish technology company was finally awarded to provide a full-blown Management Solution.

LDIC, the emerging TowerCo in the Philippines is carrying out its activity with the goal to build, own, and lease telecom towers to Mobile Network Operators (MNO). LDIC currently has over 400 sites built and is targeting to have a total of 1,000 sites by the end of this year 2023 and plans to reach 5,000 sites in the next five years.

Atrebo is an expert in providing Telco infrastructure management solutions that help to optimise and automate the operational processes, both for mobile network operators (MNOs) and Towercos. This project is part of the efforts of LDIC to expand its TowerCo business operations and unifying them into Atrebo’s TREE will help them create a single source of truth.

TREE is an end-to-end modular solution highly scalable and integrable with other platforms and tools within the client – OSS and BSS ecosystem – that facilitates the implementation of highly innovative and cost-effective smart solutions into one single platform. By its nature, it is able to provide control, efficiency and automation according to the needs of the tower infrastructure company. It should be stated that up to date, TREE has been implemented in 20+ countries, worldwide.

Entering the Asian market, especially the Philippines, has marked a major milestone for Atrebo, as it reinforces its international footprint as expert in digitalization of critical assets and infrastructure. Atrebo roots its competitiveness on R&D which is, at the same time, part of its DNA. The Spanish software company seeks to evolve in line with the latest market development encountered in today’s dynamic environment.

The scope of the agreement includes the delivery of a solution to enhance Business Development with updated and detailed information from sites for seamless sales process; Operations and Maintenance, allowing to perform efficient corrective and preventive maintenance tasks; or Finance, to monitor relevant information about the CAPEX and OPEX, in direct communication with the ERP.

The announcement, which was made official in mid-May, has enabled Atrebo to stand out among its direct competitors for the efficient management of critical assets and infrastructure through its innovative and specialized platform TREE.

“In our ambitious plan to grow up to 5,000 towers in 5 years, we consider it especially important to have a solid and comprehensive solution for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management like TREE. We are genuinely excited about this project, that will unlock potential value and generate strategic growth opportunities for both, LBS Digital Infrastructure Corporation (LDIC) and Atrebo.”

Ramoncito Yu, Chief Executive Officer at LDIC.

“In Atrebo, we feel grateful for taking part in this project that will certainly contribute to help LDIC optimise its infrastructure operational processes and thrive in the Asian towerco market.”

Jesús del Estad, CEO of Atrebo.

About LDIC

LBS Digital Infrastructure Corp. (“LDIC”) is a pure-play Philippines digital infrastructure platform with a focus on Telecom Towers in the medium term having a target project pipeline of 5,000 towers in 5 years (est. USD 500 M). LDIC has a 20+ year tower construction and supply heritage coming from the management team of LBS Technologies Asia Pacific, one of the leading builders of towers nationwide. Their mission is to produce leaders and mavericks applying the value of homegrown partnership across all stakeholders to be the biggest towerco in the region.

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About Atrebo

Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global projects focused on the digitalization of critical infrastructure operations. Atrebo develops TREE, a modular solution for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management in telecommunications, energy, smart cities, and other industries. TREE is highly scalable and integrable with other platforms and tools within the client. Atrebo leads the Tower Automation Alliance initiative through an ecosystem of technology partners worldwide. It has offices in Seville, Madrid, Ceuta, Oslo and São Paulo.

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