The Spanish critical infrastructure software company attended the virtual event organised by TowerXChange, which gathered renowned experts from the telecom sector in the Middle East.

Seville, 5 April 2021

On 30th and 31st March, the Sevillian company attended the event organised by the independent British community for network operators, towers and investors in the telecommunications sector. The event was marked by the presence of more than 300 attendees and by the presentation of important experts of the telecom industry in the MENA region.

At this event, Atrebo had the pleasure to attend talks held by senior executives from companies of the stature of Tawal, Helios Towers, Zain, IHS Towers, Ryse Energy and Oman Tower Company, among others. This talks covered numerous topics of interest, such as the potential of the Middle East and North Africa region for the future of telecom industry and the lessons learned from the pandemic in 2020.

In this regard, Mohammed Alhakbani, CEO of Tawal, highlights the conclusion that can be drawn from the past year:

“COVID19 opened our eyes to show us the importance of the telecom industry and having a sustainable network in a tower. We based our operations on digital strategy and that helped us a lot.”

This situation has undoubtedly taken the entire world population by surprise. However, companies in the telecommunications sector that have been committed to digitalization from the outset, such as Atrebo, can be proud to say that they have come out of it stronger, demonstrating in these difficult times that they are built on solid bases.

The occasion also provided an opportunity to highlight the potential of the MENA region for the telecommunications sector. Atrebo, which currently has a presence in 18 countries, is aware of this potential and for this reason, the Seville-based company includes among its expansion plans the opening of an office in Dubai to cover new operations in the Middle East.

The Spanish critical infrastructure software company had the opportunity to attend other events organised by TowerXChange. In 2019, the company also had the honour of presenting its deployment plan for Telefonica at the event that took place in London.

The TowerXChange Meetup MENA is the first of a series of events organised to provide insight into the current state of the telecoms industry for 2021. It will be followed by the TowerXChange Meetup Europe 2021 at the end of May and the TowerXChange Meetup Americas 2021 in June.

As expected, Atrebo will attend both events, reinforcing its commitment to be part of the relevant events that mark the present and future of the telecommunications sector.

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