• Atrebo, the specialist in digitization of critical infrastructures attended the workshop alongside the Tower Automation Alliance and its partners Ryse Energy and Asentria.
  • The global event brought together more than 250 attendees worldwide to address the current opportunities in energy transformation.

The 13th Global Workshop on Energy and Climate Change
took place in Valencia, Spain, from 23rd to 25th November, and it was organized by Telefónica and other collaborating companies.

Nowadays, digitalization is a key subject for tech companies to address new challenges and take advantage of upcoming opportunities. In addition, the goal of this event was to showcase initiatives to reduce Telefonica’s energy consumption and carbon footprint globally.

At Atrebo, we strongly believe on the potential of energy efficiency to drive forward the future of telecommunications throughout the automation of processes, as we do with our platform TREE and that’s the reason why we have participated as sponsors of this event, together with the Tower Automation Alliance, Ryse Energy and Asentria to stand for Telefónica’s decarbonization strategy.

“We believe that the circular economy is equivalent to eco-design, reuse and recycling and that the best waste is the waste that is not produced, so our goal is to be a zero-waste company by 2030”, Telefónica.

The 3-day event started with a welcome session by Chema Casas Aljama, the General Director for EAST Territory in Telefónica Spain. During the workshop, some of the main sessions provided by industry experts were the following:

      • Green smart cities
      • Initiatives to reduce fuel consumption
      • Changes in the global energy model
      • Energy procurement, innovations across the industry
      • Initiative to increase the use of renewable energies
      • Accelerating the path to net-zero carbon emissions
      • Energy efficiency best practices

So far, Telefónica is one of the largest sustainable issuers in the telecommunications sectors in the bond market and by 2022 they reached 10 billion in sustainable financing.

In Atrebo, we are grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a great and fascinating project like this one to promote a low-carbon economy at Telefónica, worldwide. We will keep on moving forward without forgetting the importance of building a greener future in the telecommunications field.

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