• Atrebo believes in the tremendous potential of this partnership that will enhance telco operation processes supported by TREE with the process mining technology provided by Celonis.
  • Atrebo has a lot of experience in helping to achieve rental savings but going hand in hand with Celonis will make Atrebo go further to unlock hidden values for telco customers.

The expenses related to telecom site rentals are one of the highest in the technical area for MNOs, so reducing these costs can make a huge impact for telecom operators. Atrebo’s solution, TREE, has been helping MNOs achieve savings for years.

The know-how acquired by Atrebo going in joint collaboration with large customers such as Vodafone or Telefónica made them knew that using Celonis technology was the next groundbreaking milestone to support their customers.

Atrebo has launched its first “Celonis’s Execution App”: Telco Site Rental Savings, aiming to achieve massive rental optimization process for MNOs and Towercos.

The solution lays on the TREE Application and database, which is currently managing up to 250.000 telco towers and other mission critical infrastructures in different countries around the world.

The solution developed with Celonis provides different role-based views aimed to control the main parameters of their business and showing how they are achieving these goals, both from a finance and managing perspective.

No matter how many locations you’re managing, you’ll always know the status of your renegotiation process and how the savings target is being achieved.

Managing renegotiation process to help getting high savings in massive location rent administration

Key benefits:

The App enables:

  • Fast access to operational data, up to date analytics
  • Identify and automate corrective actions
  • Drives effective work management through optimised process
  • Visualisation of savings KPIs

Different views depending on different areas’s needs

  • Manager view provides fast access to site renegotiation status. A complete set of KPIs shows savings current status and forecast.
  • Housing Analysts View provides fast access to site renegotiation status comparing achievements of the different Real State Agencies
  • Agency Manager View provides fast access to site location and the evolution of closing contracts per agency.
  • Action view provides fast access to selected data base rows where you can manage individual records or sets of them just applying filters or Search function.
  • Process view provides fast access to renegotiation process showing how your activities are flowing through the different stages, throughput, reworks, and filters can be used to detect process deviations and set corrective measures.

The partnership journey

“For Atrebo, partnering with Celonis has been a very inspiring journey, Celonis’ methodologies in the pursuit of operational excellence made us seek at all times the maximum value for our customers.”

David Humanes, Atrebo’s Chief Solutions Officer

“The further you develop with Celonis, the more you feel you are providing your customers the right tool to achieve the level of optimization they need to lead their industry.”

José Ramón Yeste, Atrebo’s Chief Data Officer

“The Atrebo – Celonis partnership comes with a specialized vision in the Telco sector identifying inefficiencies gaps in processes affecting site and energy contracts and tower, fiber and other infrastructure. The possibilities for expansion into other infra-critical sectors come naturally on its own.”

Jesús del Estad, Atrebo’s Chief Executive Officer

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