• Atrebo’s collaboration agreement with the FIAL foundation will explore possibilities for the implementation of deep tech technologies for the legal and juridical field.
  • The software company from Seville will contribute its extensive experience in digital transformation and digitisation in the field of critical infrastructures and contract management.


The Legal Artificial Intelligence Foundation (FIAL) and Atrebo have signed a collaboration agreement for the research and development of projects with artificial intelligence, blockchain and big data, among other deep tech technologies.

Atrebo, a specialist in software and digitisation of critical infrastructures in the telecommunications, energy and renewable energy infrastructure and mobility management systems sectors, will rely on FIAL’s expert knowledge to explore and innovate in solutions such as smart contract management, machine learning applied to legal processes and artificial intelligence without undermining legal certainty and respect for rights.

Research and development is expected to have practical application in both the public and private sectors and will be promoted in the Tower Automation Alliance, an initiative where companies from several countries are involved in automation, intelligence and data exploitation.

Through this collaboration agreement, Atrebo will participate in the FIAL Business Council and Collaborating Entities.

About FIAL

The Legal Artificial Intelligence Foundation is a legal-technological think tank, an advanced centre of thought and generation of legal knowledge in the technological field at the service of judicial, administrative and conflict resolution systems in general, on whose board of trustees are represented the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, the Association of Registrars, professors of Procedural and Administrative Law and of Ethics and Philosophy of Law of European relevance.  It has an Advisory Board of more than forty experts and has signed agreements with the main Spanish technology companies. FIAL aims to be the reference in artificial intelligence, robotics and related technologies in the legal world.

About Atrebo

Atrebo is a Spanish technology company with global operations digitalisation projects. Atrebo develops TREE, a specialist platform for digital transformation in asset and infrastructure management in telecommunications, energy, smart cities and other industries. It leads the Tower Automation Alliance initiative through an ecosystem of technology partners worldwide.

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