• Atrebo attended TowerXchange Meetup Americas to share insights with fellow telecom infrastructure specialists.
  • The event addressed the main changes that are disrupting the CALA telecom tower market since the last face-to-face meeting.

TowerXchange Meetup Americas 2022 was held on 13rd and 14th July.  Atrebo, the Spanish specialist in digitalisation of critical infrastructures attended the event organised by TowerXchange, to create synergies with telecom leaders from the CALA market.

Amid shifts in technologies, customer behavior and the shape of the telecom industry, Towercos and MNOs are finding new opportunities to cope with the market uncertainty.

Indeed, this year meeting was focused on innovation in the marketplace and digital transformation. Keynotes and roundtables covered topics of great interest like «innovating structure design»,«remote towers», «digital twins», «monitoring access to sites».

“New towercos have changed the shape of the market, as America Movil and Millicom have both announced significant carve outs, and emerging market specialists IHS Towers have set foot into Brazil and Colombia”.

At Atrebo, we have a great flexibility to adapt to such changes as our commitment to innovation goes much further. That is why we are developing use cases of great interest for the industry to efficiently automate business processes with our open platform TREE.

During the event, we had the pleasure to meet attendees and speakers from MNOs, Towercos and their ecosystem from companies such as IHS Towers, Digital Bridge, SBA Communications or American Tower.

Broadly, the main topics they discussed at TowerXchange Meetup Americas were:

      • M&A, carve outs, and market changes 
      • Sustainability
      • Rural and urban networks
      • New business models
      • Power: 5G, roadmap to renewables and ultra rural sites

In addition, international expansion, and the potential for new business models – as the main players are transitioning their business into new services as well as increasing their investment in small cells, fibre, or edge computing – were a key theme in this year’s meeting.

We believe that new opportunites and the implementation of emerging technologies are driving the industry forward to face up future threats and uncertainty even though the future of telecom could be predictable nowadays.

As expected, we will keep a close eye on industry developments by attending future events to reinforce our commitment to the telecom ecosystem and provide the best value for Telcos and MNOs to automate their business processes and maximise their profits.

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