Integral vision of financial assets

Simulate, anticipate & manage your billable transactions

TREE facilitates the integral vision of assets and infrastructure management. It automatically generates the necessary data to consolidate in accounting management software such as SAP in accordance with the international regulation IFRS16.

Introducing the key capability

Perform a simulation of billable transactions

One of the main pillars of Finance module is the ability to simulate different billable transactions. Indeed, TREE has four simulation engines well-equipped to provide a complete simulation of:

  • Payments
  • Collections
  • Expenses
  • Income

A powerful forecast tool

The system includes an automatic forecast renegerator if the contract undergoes any modification.

  • Payments/collection forecast are generated from the contract information.
  • It is possible to activate or deactivate the forecasts by changing the status of a contract.
  • Only the relevant information will be displayed.
  • It includes filters with date ranges.
Direct and transparent communication

Manage & Keep invoices visible to creditors

Source data is discharged into the TREE database through the module interface and/or communicated from SAP. This makes possible to manage all the invoices generated and enables creditors to visualise it.

Create unique payment concepts with totally flexible configuration.


Getting into finance features

IFRS16 and SAP

The finance module is directly linked to SAP and IFRS16 to provide a total compliance with financial regulation rules.


An automatic forecast generator in which any modification to a contract will be automatically recalculated.

Flexible configuration

TREE provides the possibility of creating unique payment concepts to have all the credit information available.

Unique payments

The possibility of creating unique payment concepts, by having all the credit information available to each client.

Available in all modules and solutions

Metrics and KPIs

All the data linked to the Finance module can generate preconfigured dashboards or can be exported for subsequent linkage with any intelligent data processing tool. Therefore, TREE allows the interaction with the database to create graphs and interactive dashboards in real time.

TREE Olivo Interface
  • Control panel that groups all the panoramic vision
  • Automates the generation of metrics and KPIs
  • Export to basic office formats
  • Publish reports on any module
Discover the full potential of TREE

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