determine the space available

Manage & define your site inventory

An integrated inventory management plays a key role in driving automation and digital transformation in your business.

  • Geo-positioning of inventory items
  • Configuration of fields and attributes of inventory elements
  • Creation of templates
  • Fast access from mobile devices

A full customisable structure
of inventory elements

Create an inventory hierarchy

The site inventory management solution allows you to create a hierarchy of categories in terms of dependency.

Set inventory attributes

As the structure of elements is fully customisable, it is possible to set all the attributes dynamically for those elements.

Caculate the available space

Inventory elements are the basis for calculating available space, electrical availability and for ensuring the structural integrity of the site.

Ensuring the structural integrity of the site

Access site inventory with TREE mobile APP

To provide a robust inventory management process, all the information and groundbreaking functionalities are within your reach at any time with our TREE Mobile App.

Moreover, this feature makes it easier for operators to keep the database updated in real-time.

geo-positioning of inventory items

Achieving automation to maximize revenue

Site inventory module not only provides a customisable structure but also enables to define nested structures, making it extremely powerful for Telcos and Towercos. Similarly, it is possible to establish the geo-positioning of inventory items in order to determine the space available to maximize revenue.


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Inventory audits

Consistent and accurate inventory audits to optimise management performance and reduce inefficiencies.

Updated in real-time

Operators can use mobile devices to update the information of your inventory's site in real-time.

Dynamic attributes

Create templates to define dynamic attributes and values linked to your inventory elements.

top feature!

Introducing the new interactive dashboard

Site Inventory module provides the user with an initial preconfigured dashboard for a quick overview of the desired information, at any time. To optimise time, this information can be filtered according to site inventory operator, categories, and status.

KPIs available:

Number of inventory
Inventory elements created
Inventory elements by operators
Inventory elements by operational status

“The inventory module is conceived as a transversal module in the sense that it is accessible from all O&M modules. Installation, maintenance, or disassembly activities interact with inventory to keep it up to date in real time and to maintain historical information about it.”

Available in all modules and solutions

Metrics and KPIs

All the data linked to the Sites Inventory module can generate preconfigured dashboards or can be exported for subsequent linkage with any intelligent data processing tool. Therefore, TREE allows the interaction with the database to create graphs and interactive dashboards in real time.

TREE Olivo Interface
  • Control panel that groups all the panoramic vision
  • Automates the generation of metrics and KPIs
  • Export to basic office formats
  • Publish reports on any module
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