Assets management

Centralize your towers' acquisitions processes

Tower acquisitions solution comes with an innovative functionality to centralise the purchase and management of assets, ensuring:

  • Control towers management processes
  • Manage contract order requests to other site owners
  • Monitor each step to ensure service quality levels (SLA)
Tower acquisitions workflows

Key capabilities

Processes standardisation
TREE’s tower acquisitions ensures the standardisation of the procedure of assets purchase and management as well as the compliance with all associated regulatory issues.

Payment/Incomes forecast
In addition, it offers the possibility to easily generate payment or incomes forecast to provide a better decision-making during the process.

Contract simulator for tower acquisitions
Likewise, this solution includes a simulator of contract conditions to create different scenarios in order to evaluate the profitability of the acquisition operations by calculating the main financial indicators.


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contract simulator

Achieve an optimal decision-making

Simulator of contract conditions.
Forecast your profitability on assets purchases.
Consult the main financial indicators.
Create different scenarios and generate a history of proposals.

find out the step-by-step process

Tower acquisitions

Tower Acquisitions solution from TREE Olivo new release includes workflows with the possibility of integrate information for both internal and external users making it easier for the acquisition to have all the necessary information in real time.

Contract information

Step 1

To start with the process, define the asset or set of assets to be acquired using TREE Olivo’s Tower Acquisitions solution.

Register asset information

Step 2

Then, introduce all the relevant information related to your purchase in the tool and you will be able to generate a payment/income forecast easily.

Link assets & processes

Step 3

After acquiring an asset and been registered all the information, the new sites (with their corresponding contracts) become part of the client’s plant and can be linked to any of the processes available on the platform.

Information in real time

Step 4
Tab Address

Finally, as tower acquisitions includes transversal functionalities from the reporting module, so that you can track real time information on your purchases.

Available in all modules and solutions

Metrics and KPIs

All the data linked to the Tower Acquisitions solution can generate preconfigured dashboards or can be exported for subsequent linkage with any intelligent data processing tool. Therefore, TREE allows the interaction with the database to create graphs and interactive dashboards in real time.

TREE Olivo Interface
  • Control panel that groups all the panoramic vision
  • Automates the generation of metrics and KPIs
  • Export to basic office formats
  • Publish reports on any module
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