core process

Automatically manage customer requests

The Colocation process is the core of a Towerco. It is carried out by a default workflow to handle customer requests and allocate the requested space in the managed infrastructures.

Validation of available space
Operators can create their catalogue of services
Information is accessible for clients at any time

Reduce processing times

Operators can control the status of their request at any time

The colocation module boosts flexibility and process automation. As a result, there is a streamlined and highly efficient process carried out to handle operators requests. Also, TREE platform enables operators to access a site to perform operational tasks (only in cases where access is authorised by the towerco).

How colocation achieves automation of processes

Shared Space

The available space may be shared by different tenants, maximizing site occupancy and revenues associated.

Reduction of errors

As the process of allocating is automated in a single platform using TREE, it certainly reduces potential manual errors.

Increased Efficiency

It manages everything in a single platform, so it reduces processing times in each step of the procedure.

generating a catalogue of services

Colocation process

This module validates the sites capacity for the new request, electrical power available and if the structure can safely support the new load.

Catalogue of services

Step 1

The Towerco generates its catalogue of services to allow Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to make their requests.

MNO Request

Step 2

MNOs can generate a new request based on the service catalogue. This catalogue allows for the automatic generation of budgets and the configuration of each service to assess the location of the different elements, either on the tower or on the ground. It can be easily modified if necessary.


Step 3

During the processing of the request, it is possible to access its technical feasibility, so that the approval and subsequent implementation can proceed.

Colocation Agreement

Step 4

If the colocation request is feasible and the infrastructure operator and the towerco reach an agreement, then the colocation process starts. Failure to meet the feasibility requirements will result in the reconsideration of the colocation transaction, which may be cancelled.

Colocation Process

Step 5

Once the contract is approved by both parties, the installation proceeds, until completion, subject to final validation. Throughout the process of co-localization, there’s an intervention of customers and suppliers carried out in the tool itself.

Learn how to maximize site occupancy and revenues associated

  • Installed and planned inventory information
  • Customisation of workflows to meet towercos' needs
  • Pending installations/uninstallations
  • Access to inventory items physical location
Available in all modules and solutions

Metrics and KPIs

All the data linked to the Colocation module can generate preconfigured dashboards or can be exported for subsequent linkage with any intelligent data processing tool. Therefore, TREE allows the interaction with the database to create graphs and interactive dashboards in real time.

TREE Olivo Interface
  • Control panel that groups all the panoramic vision
  • Automates the generation of metrics and KPIs
  • Export to basic office formats
  • Publish reports on any module
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