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Automation: not just another buzzword

A new era for Telcos has arrived, yet unknown to many people. An era characterised by the digitalisation of processes, accompanied by the automation of infrastructures, along other challenges.

Telcos today, are experiencing continuous changings, from new business models, to the implementation of new technological tools. Seeking to resist to the intense pressure from their competitors, reduce operating costs and adapt to tech-related developments.

After many hours of research, we believe that we have hit on the key.

This ebook is mainly based on the search for the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is infrastructure automation in telecommunications?
  2. How are telcos automating their operations? How automation of infrastructures can help the telecom industry?

Also, we will introduce the latests trends regarding telco industry:

  • Twinning: the power of digital twins and data collection
  • The role of 5G: a key factor in the automation of RANs

ABOUT TREE.platform

TREE is an asset and infrastructure management platform for MNOs and Towercos, scalable both in volume and geographical dispersion.

Business Processes Managed by TREE include:

  • Planning
  • Acquisition
  • Installation
  • Operation
  • Finance
  • Uninstall

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Telefonica is a pioneer in Digital Transformation and we have found in TREE the ideal tool to manage the Network Deployment process. We already have it implemented in 13 of the 17 operators of the group and the benefits are immeasurable.