New trends emerge year after year in the telecom industry

Digital disruption is the main driver of rapid changes taking place in the telecommunications industry, broading the horizon and contributing to the development of an ecosystem where Telcos cooperate for the analysis of opportunities and further development of technologically-advanced solutions.

Discover the Five Telecom Industry Trends and learn what’s new in telecommunications. Keep reading!


Five trends in telecom for 2024

1. Environmental Responsibility
2. Cybersecurity
3. Artificial Intelligence And Automation In Telecommunications
4. The Future Of Communications
5. Net Neutrality And Data Privacy


Five trends in telecom for 2023

1. The Metaverse and 5G connectivity
2. Blockchain and Smart Contracts
3. Machine Learning and data analytics for network operations
4. 5G Satellite access connectivity
5. Tower carve-outs


Five trends in telecom for 2022

1. Fiber deployment required for connectivity
2. IoT with LoRaWAN
3. Process optimization: Machine Learning and Process Mining
4. Blockchain asset inventory
5. Structure calculation


Five trends in telecom for 2021

1. 5G deployment and expansion
2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning increased reliability
3. Growth in cloud platforms
4. From IoT to the era of Internet of (almost) everything
5. Telecommunications are driving the future of work

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