Efficiency and speed in communications

Optimise MNO to MNO sharing processes

The Sharing module unifies the process of request, verification and execution of sharings. TREE platform comes with a fluid and transparent interface for communication.

a path towards automation of processes

Key features of sharing

Agile communication

Sharing is an agile and efficient communication node. No discrepancies or delays due to low efficiency communication channels.

5G fluidity and consistency

It offers the functional capabilities necessary to plan, execute and follow all relevant aspects in infrastructure sharing.

Coherence of information

The Sharing module maintains the coherence of information and records in shared sites through TREE platform.


Exhaustive monitoring of the performance metrics that you want to define depending on the role of the user (MNO or MNO-host).

How TREE sharing works

Fast interaction in shared resources

Communication speed is one of the highest priorities for telecom infrastructure companies. For this reason, TREE is capable of combining the data that must be shared between MNO and MNO-host, adapting the option and visualizations of each one.

  • Agile and efficient communication node
  • Find the optimal contract to do the job
MNO-MNO transparent interaction

Sharing, step-by-step process

Applicant MNO

Step 1

The process starts either when a MNO requests space in the infrastructure another MNO (host) or when a MNO (host) provides available space on its infrastructure to share with another MNO.

Pending Request

Step 2

Once the process is initiated, different aspects are evaluated such as the viability of the project, the need for re-design the initial proposal, or to provide a definitive layout, among others. If the conditions are favourable and the sharing process moves on, the request is processed.


Step 3

The “MNO host” initiates the processing of the request to verify the site adequacy, technical readiness, or request modifications (if applicable).

Sharing Agreement

Step 4

Once the site is ready, and all the necessary conditions for its use have been met, an annex is drafted requesting the signatures of both the MNO applicant and the MNO host to formalise the agreement. Once signed, the annex is closed and the sharing process begins.

Sharing Process

Step 5

Throughout the process of sharing, there’s an agile and flexible interaction interface to achieve rapid management of shared resources in the tool itself.

Available in all modules and solutions

Metrics and KPIs

All the data linked to the Sharing module can generate preconfigured dashboards or can be exported for subsequent linkage with any intelligent data processing tool. Therefore, TREE allows the interaction with the database to create graphs and interactive dashboards in real time.

TREE Olivo Interface
  • Control panel that groups all the panoramic vision
  • Automates the generation of metrics and KPIs
  • Export to basic office formats
  • Publish reports on any module
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